Hacking Very WEIRD problem with Usb Loader Gx


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Nov 15, 2009
United States
Hey guys!

Look, i have the ULGX rev 564 (Ios 249 rev 14). it works fine (except for the fact that it doesn't auto-upload (actually it downloads the rev 828, says it's installed, ask me to reset, and when i get back, nothing happened...)).
Well, i use the Forwarder to acess the this usb loader, but today i downloaded from the website of the developers the rev 828, and after reading a little, i decided to download the rev 815 (that it's the last with a specific channel to download).
The problem it's that when i enter on th Usb Loader GX rev 815 right after turning the wii on, it doens't recgonize my HDD, BUT if i go first to the Usb Loader GX rev 564, and then (without turning the wii off) i enter on the 815, it works like a charm... that's very strange... i want to use the 815 because it downloads the covers directly from the internet, and its faster , with the possibility of opening homebrews with it...

i'm using cios 38 rev 14, 249 rev 14 , and hermes 222/223 rev 4 (i think, because i'm not sure if that instalation its correct)
Hdd = seageat 1,5 tb freeagent
Any hints?
Thanks in advance

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