Version of 3ds and its' purchase locations

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    I know the 3ds has to be at or below 4.5 to be able to run it. I currently about to purchase a 3ds with the version 4.1.0-8u. I was wondering if the "-8u" meant anything. I just want to make sure it works with the gateway 3ds since i'm about to purchase from him.

    While I was looking around for a gateway, I found out most sites are out of stock and people are having trouble with their shipping. After some browsing, I saw to have stock for US customers only. I was wondering if any of you have found this site trustworthy since they don't allow paypal. I would also like to ask are there other sites that sell gateway with paypal. I really don't mind if the price is mark up 20-30% because of it.

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    the 0.0.0-X (x = 0>12)

    the number is the e-shop and other internet features version

    i have 3ds's on 4.5.0-0 and 4.5.0-4
    gateway works fine on both

    4.1.0-X to 4.5.0-X gateway works fine on use paypal
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    To be honest, a site is probably more trustworthy if they don't have Paypal. Anybody could use Paypal to make a store. Heck, I've sold things using Paypal before. I actually bought my Gateway from Modchipsdirect, and I've played on my Gateway for over 50 hours with no problems whatsoever.