Vero Design Advance

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    I did not think it should go on the portal but it deserved a mention.
    Grab it from here

    It is a veroboard design program (veroboard is the stuff you may have used during various electronics classes that had strips of copper along the back with lots of holes in allowing you to make circuits), you will need to fix the header if you want to run it on a real cart (GBATA should take care of that: ) but to my knowledge it is the first CAD program for the GBA.
    I can not say I do much veroboard work these days but it could be handy to keep around for translating designs from breadboard to it.
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    Looks pretty cool, I'll take it for a spin in a bit. Nice to see people still developing for the GBA, something like this would be perfect for a tiny little Micro [​IMG]