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    Second picture are taken from new personal computer(bottom like N3DSXL, unscrew small plate..) I go to the google and become little confuse? I do not know if such part is DDR3 or DDR3L?(I am find two parts on amazon.. not sure which is..) Other question... I read from internet there is possibility of update "BIOS" of system before install RAM piece? Perhaps I am wrong... I wish to do correctly thing and safe. Thank you for read!

    Edit: I look more info on computer and can only allow 16GB RAM. Hmm.. How to say.. I think make computer full capability then install all possible RAM.
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    By looking it up online, I was able to find that the RAM is DDR3, and it's 1600MHz. As for a BIOS update, I wouldn't do it unless absolutely necessary. They're risky and if it goes wrong, you'll have a bricked system.
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    You shouldn't need a BIOS update to install RAM, but it might be a good idea to update your BIOS anyway, as BIOS updates usually include bugfixes and improvements. If you haven't noticed any strange issues with the PC, you probably don't need a BIOS update.

    Check CPU-Z, under the SPD tab. The voltages listed at the bottom should tell you whether this is DDR3 or DDR3L RAM. DDR3L uses lower voltages, a typical voltage for normal DDR3 is 1.5v or 1.65v. If it's DDR3L then it will be lower.

    8 GB should be enough in a laptop though. It's just about enough to run a game, a web browser, a chat client and anything else you'd need at the same time. Most people won't need more than that.
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    PC3L would indicate that it's DDR3L RAM memory that's installed.
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    If your laptop only has room for one slot of RAM, upgrading's not going to be cheap. The next step up would be 16GB, and if there's only one slot you need a single 16GB stick, not 2x8GB as most common upgrade kits would be.

    Additionally, laptop RAM sticks are 204-pin, whereas desktop sticks are 240-pin. Make sure you look at 204 pin sticks, as others will not work.

    Finally, if you want to "make computer full capability then install all possible RAM" your options are going to be limited. Laptops aren't generally built with upgrades in mind, and your CPU is already top-of-the-line. Your graphics aren't bad either, and can't be updated. The most you could do otherwise would be to add a SSD to boot from, but if there's not an open slot for one in your laptop you would have to give up the main hard drive.
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    The picture shows two SODIMM slots, one of which is occupied by an 8GB SODIMM.