Verbatim dvd-r not working wtf

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    Aug 12, 2007
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    Any other media worked perfectly as far as I can tell. A couple days ago I bought verbatim dvd-r discs and burnt WarioWare for the Wii using Imgburn as usual. My wii is modded with an original wiikey and it ran every single game without any problem. Well it didn't work on the verbatim. I also tried burning a ps2 game on my modded ps2 and also didn't work. Tried inserting other games on both my wii and ps2 of different medias and worked ok. Tried burning on 3 different burners of different brands (Nec, LG and Pioneer) and didn't work. I also tried the ps2 game on my friend's ps2 and it also didn't work.
    I tried burning a regular DVD movie and it worked. What the heck is wrong?! believe me i'm not doing anything wrong with the burning process something is wrong with the discs!
    Please help! [​IMG]
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    try lower burn speed 4x-8x
    try another program (nero?)
    have the wii OFF, then insert the burned disc to turn on the wii

    could be a bad batch. look in the spindle, verbatim will replace the whole batch if any discs are bad. i've has a stack of CD-Rs top foil flake off and they replaced it all
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    Mar 15, 2007
    I have been wondering about verbatims recently too. I bought 2 batches of verbatims DVD-Rs that have TYG02 dye which is supposedly 95-100% in the dvdinfo quality tests yet burnt wii isos that were rechecked for quality invariably came back at various scores ranging from 55-65% quality. Varying the burn speeds didn't seem to yield much of an increase.

    The wii read all ok but think i'll stick to datawrite yellow which have ritek dye and seem to score 75-85% on dvdinfo quality tests. Whether it makes much difference to the wii or not I don't know but I'd like to make the poor little laser's life a little easier if I can help it. These were all burnt with a pioneer 111D and I hasten to add the wii will read pretty much any disk/speed combo's I've thrown at it. So perhaps as said above it is the batch or possibly your burner. I think the write strategies on burners for various different media ID's varies greatly, especially on the lesser known DVD writers, so perhaps find a media that works with your burner and stick with it.

    All the above said there have been rumours that 3.0 update makes the wii drive pickier about what it can read, so perhaps you've fallen victim to this if you've recently updated?
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    Aug 7, 2007
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    then don't use verbatims! use the media that has been working for you! [​IMG]
  5. manias

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    Aug 7, 2007
    I also read that some discs need to be burnt at 8x.. below that they could get more errors.. And then others it's the other way around [​IMG] Quite annoying!
    I've just used tdk dvd-r's n they work just great so far at 4x