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    There is so may topic and discussion on the VC concept. Anyone please simplified and direct to the corect procedure to to this........very confuse....too many ways to do this
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    Also heard there is new version 2.1 wad installer no longer required twilight crack anymore?????????
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    Quoted from aurearon or something
    "I saw a few people asking for a very simple step by step guide on how to install VC games using the Twilight hack, and before I figured it out for myself I was one of them. So I decided to make the guide myself.

    I do not claim to know very much about this, so if this doesn't work for you I appologize but I have installed over 20 VC games on 2 different Wiis flawlessly this exact way so it should work.

    This guide is EXTREMELY simple and easy to understand, in fact I gave it to my 8 year old brother and he managed to perfectly install a VC title using it so if you still don't understand... well, you just might be retarded.

    I have now updated this guide to V2 of the WAD Installer.

    Installing Virtual Console games

    Step 1: Download the following items:
    The virtual console titles you would like to install
    The WAD Installer V2
    The Twilight hack (NOTE: You must use the Twilight hack file for your games region,
    to find out which file you need go here. That page also has a download link for the
    latest version of the Twilight hack.)

    Step 2: Extract the .rar file that the WAD installer comes in and rename the file
    'wad-installer.elf' to 'boot.elf'. You can get rid of the other files, the .elf file
    is all you need.

    Step 3: Connect SD Card to computer.

    Step 4: If it does not already exist, make a directory called "/private/wii/title/RZDx/"
    on your SD card; replace "RZDx" with RZDE, RZDP or RZDJ as appropriate for your
    version of the twilight hack file.

    Step 5: Rename your Twilight hack file to 'data.bin' and put it in the "private/wii/title/RZDx/"
    directory on your SD Card.

    Step 6: Move boot.elf to the root of your SD Card. (NOT TO THE 'private' FOLDER!)

    Step 7: Extract the Virtual Console titles you downloaded if they are in .rar files.
    You should get .wad files. The .wad files will probably all be named 'title.wad',
    rename them to whatever you want but make sure they have different names.

    Step 8: Create a folder on the root of your SD Card called 'wad' in this folder put
    all the .wad files you have for all the VC games you want to install.

    Step 9: Now that all the necesary files are on the SD Card we can begin. Unplug the
    SD Card from the computer and plug it into the SD Card slot on the front of the Wii
    (which is located next to the disc slot, behind a panel).

    NOTE: If you already have a Twilight Princess save file on your wii, skip the next

    Step 10: Insert the Twilight Princess disc into the Wii. Start the game. After
    starting the game it will ask you if you want to create a save data on your wii,
    (this only happens if you don't have a Twilight Princess save data already).
    Select yes and it will create a save file.

    NOTE: If you already have a Twilight Princess save file on your wii that you want to
    keep, back it up on an SD Card before continuing to the next step, as you will be
    erasing the save data from the Wii.

    Step 11: Go back to the Wii Menu, click on the Wii button in the bottom left of the
    Wii Menu, go to Data Management, go to Save Data, go to Wii.

    Step 12: Erase the Twilight Princess Save Data from the Wii.

    Step 13: click on the SD Card tab, you will see an icon that says 'Wiibrew loader'
    on it, click on it, click copy and it will copy to the Wii memory.

    Step 14: Go back to the Wii Menu.

    Step 15: Start Twilight Princess again, this time there will be a save file called
    'Twilight Hack' and it will have all 20 hearts, load this save file.

    Step 16: You will see a man standing in front of you in the game, go up to him and
    speak to him. The game will immediatly freeze as you speak to him and lines of code
    will appear on a black background. DO NOT BE ALARMED! THIS IS NORMAL!

    Step 17: Eventually it will ask you to press the reset button on the wii, press the
    button and it will begin to install the VC games.

    Step 18: When it is finished it will inform you that it is going to go back to the
    Wii Menu in 10 seconds and count down.

    Step 19: When it reaches 0 it will either reset to the Wii Menu or the screen will
    go black and the console will freeze, if this happens it DOES NOT matter, just
    switch off the console and switch it back on.

    Step 20: When you return to the Wii Menu you will find your brand new FREE Virtual
    Console games sitting proudly in your Wii Menu. Congratz.


    Uninstalling Virtual Console games

    To remove VC games from your Wii you must use the WAD Uninstaller program, its not
    enough to simply remove them from the Wii via the Wii data management as removing
    them this way leaves behind a ticket.

    Using the WAD Uninstall is exactly the same as using the WAD Installer, simply
    rename the WAD Uninstaller to 'boot.elf' and move it to the root of your SD card.
    Then create a folder called 'wad' on the root of your SD card and in that folder put
    the .wad files of all the games you want to uninstall.
    Then just run the wad uninstaller using the twilight hack, the exact same way you did
    with the WAD Installer.

    I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to tell you where you can get any of the files used in this guide, so sorry about that... Google is your friend.
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    that is a guide on making a wad installer ISO.

    What if he doesn't have a modchip? and he wants a guide in installing vc/wiiware titles that isn't a guide to installing vc/wiiware titles
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    Many thanks to DWEIRDO and KURMA for the information. It'sjust that there is somany post regards this (2) issues that sometime you get lost in-between figure out which is the best method for VC.

    Couple more question:
    1. Do we have to install twigling hack everytime you want to install the game?
    2. Do we delete the wad file on the SD card after the installation since the game had copy onto the chip itself or we play the card from SD.

    Thanks again
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    1. You can install a wad- installer and uninstaller channel, so you need the Zelda hack only the first time.
    2. VC games and wiiware games will be installed on the wii, but you can play roms via sd card.
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    1. No
    2. Yes
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    Apr 20, 2007
    what is the different between the method installing Wad-Installer_v2.1 vs Wad-Installer_v2.1 channel banner?
    are they totally different of how to installing/uninstalling wad?
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    The difference between WAD Installer/Uninstaller ELFs and WAD Installer/Uninstaller Channel:

    The Channel works like any other Wii Channel. You just need the WADs on your SD card.

    The ELFs need something else in order to be run, either the Homebrew Channel, Twilight Princess Hack, or Wii Homebrew Launcher.

    Outside of that, installation/uninstallation of WADs is identical. Put whatever WADs you want to install/uninstall in the WAD folder (which the WAD folder should be in the root of your SD card -> X:\WAD ).
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    Apr 20, 2007
    Thanks SIR VG....
    If this the case, it would be easier just to just the WAD installer channel to install/uninstall the games.
    What would you recommend and is there a guide to use WAS installer channel?
    also, I understand that all vc/wiiware game are install within WII's memory. Is there a estimate how many game you can load on to the memory?

    Many thanks in advance
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    The easiest way is to use the Twilight Princess Hack. Use that to run the WAD Installer ELF, to which you use that to install the Installer/Uninstaller Channel WADs. I've used that method - easy to do and having the WAD Install/Uninstall as Channels is handy.

    As for how much you can fit on the Wii, it varies. Stuff can be as low as a few blocks, to nearly 300 blocks...depends on what you're installing.

    The best way to be safe is to install a couple at a time.

    For measurement, the conversion is about 1MB (on a computer) to 8 blocks (on the Wii).