VBA/TGB Dual Linking

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    Jul 13, 2009
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    So I've been playing pokemon crystal the past few days, and my file is getting pretty good (level 100 feraligatr, a few in their 70's, most legends caught). So I'd like to link up with a pokemon red/blue/yellow rom and get some version exclusive pokemon. Now, I've heard from a few sites that VBA link doesn't work with GBC/GB games, and I never had much luck with it in the first place, so I'm not really going to bother with that :3.

    I tried TGB Dual a second ago. After a LOT of restarting red and playing through to link, I finally got it working, with Crystal on window 1 and Red on window 2. I did the trade, saved my crystal (battery and savestate, about 10 times..). Now, I didn't know which one of the save files TGB was reading (there was .sav, .sa2, etc..), so, I copied all of them into my folder where VBA reads saves from. They were under the same name, but when I boot up VBA, the save is from where I saved before I even started using TGB dual [​IMG] However, TGB dual, when rebooted, DOES read the save post-trade..

    PS: A quick question, I found a Gameshark code that allows you to fight all the gym leaders of johto and kanto again.
    It says it works with gold,silver, and crystal. But... it's not working for me :x. Other codes from this same source that say they work for g/s/c worked, so I wonder if this is just a bad code? If someone knows one like this that works, I'd appreciate it too..