VBA/SC GBA saves on 3in1

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    Here's a little howto on using your VBA (or other gba flashcard) saves with the 3in1 Expansion pack

    Let's take as example: 0169 Wario Land 4 (E).gba
    (I presume you already played it in VBA and have a save from it (*.SAV))

    * Wario Land 4 uses SRAM as save, so no need to run it throu the EZ4 Client.
    * Games that uses EEPROM or Flash you need to patch them first with EZ4 Client.

    [Extra note: I presume your game is SRAM or already patched with the EZ4 Client when it's not the example]

    Here we go:
    - copy "0169 Wario Land 4 (E).gba" to your TF or Slot-1 in the dir. x:\GBA
    - copy "0169 Wario land 4 (E).sav" to your TF or Slot-1 in the dir. x:\GBA\SAVE
    - Put TF in Slot-1 card and put slot-1 card in your DS.
    - Power on DS.
    - Start "3in1_ExpPack_Tool.nds"

    Playing from NOR
    - Push "R" or "L" till you're in NOR mode.
    - Copy "0169 Wario land 4 (E).gba" to NOR by pressing "A"
    - Import "0169 Wario land 4 (E).sav" to the SRAM by pressing "Y"
    - Start "0169 Wario land 4 (E)" by pressing "X"

    Playing from PSRAM
    - Playing is not the problem!
    - There is no option to import *.SAV to the SRAM, only to save SRAM to SAV :/
    - You can backup your SRAM to "sram.bin" from an already played game in PSRAM to import later

    !!! Don't forget to backup your SRAM to SAV before flashing and playing any other game !!!