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Aug 17, 2022
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United States
I'm finally the proud owner of an old Wii U that I've installed custom firmware on. I've run into numerous issues and wondered about many things that don't have clear answers anywhere else. I've decided to make this thread to compile all of my issues and questions, as well as answers to certain problems that were difficult to find the solutions to online.

My setup involves a hard disk drive plugged into the Wii U from the front. A USB Y-cable is connected to the drive and fills both slots under the SD card. I have successfully installed a few Gamecube games. I have also installed many smaller GBA and DS titles, all of which seem to run without issue. I used UWUVCI to inject them and WUP Installer GX2 to install them. Outside of hacking, I've also purchased a Wii U ethernet adapter after hearing rumors regarding its poor wi-fi capabilities. The Wii U itself is on the latest system firmware and was modded by following the tiramisu guide.

Currently, my most pertinent issue is this:
I would like to inject the latest version of Project M EX Remix as a Wii U title. I've seen methods of converting SSBB mods into ISO files (namely BrawlBuilder), but they mention incompatibilities with BrawlEx. I'm aware that injecting any sort of mod like this is highly unnecessary, but I would still like to do so. I'm already very intimate with Wii modding. Being able to select the mod on the Wii U menu is what I would prefer.

I found one possible answer in an old thread from GBATemp. My account is still labelled as a newcomer, so I cannot link to it directly, but the thread comes from lasagnapapa and contained a build based off of an older version of PM EX Remix. The content described in the thread seems to be a perfect description of what I've been searching for. However, the original drive download has been taken down. What I mostly need from that thread is the readme. If anyone can provide the full contents of the drive before it was removed, that would be even better.

UPDATE: For the time being, I've decided not to bother moving forward with this. I would still appreciate an answer to this question for archival purposes, but my focus on Wii U modding will be directed towards my other questions.

Here are some other questions I've had about Wii U modding:
  • Injection with UWUVCI and other injection programs asks you to provide a base game. Has anyone determined the difference between each base for injection? Are there alterations depending on the base game's file size or file format? I plan on installing certain games and romhacks that aren't listed on compatibility lists, so my biggest concern is knowing where to start.
    • I found further information about this. I understand now that each VC title was made with their own modified emulator by Nintendo. Even so, I would still like to know if the community has any knowledge on more specific differences between each base. I'd also like to know how often these differences even matter, as there is not much information I can find regarding certain bases not working while others work just fine.
  • What counts towards the title limit? I know folders do not count towards the limit while games inside the folders still do, but I would like to know about whether icons like system settings, health and safety, and possibly even the wii menu and insert disc icons count towards the limit.
  • When checking my hard disk drive in the Wii U data management menu, it asks me to delete unnecessary data. A quick search shows that this apparently covers unused title updates, but looking through my list of installations yields no games or data that fits this criteria. What exactly would be deleted if I accepted? Is there the possibility of losing saves, DLC, or other titles installed through WUP Installer? In a worst-case scenario, could this lead to a brick or damage to my HDD?
Finally, here are some issues I ran into that I eventually figured out the solutions for. I'm including these for anyone that might currently be having similar issues.
This was actually the issue I made this thread for in the first place. When installing multiple titles, WUP Installer GX2 would crash.
  • Installing smaller games in groups will install each game up until the final confirmation prompt appears. When clicking OK on it, the system transitions to a black screen and becomes unresponsive until the console is manually shut down.
  • Installing larger games in groups will install the first game successfully. However, the console will freeze during the countdown to the next item in the list.
  • Installing one game after the other sequentially will freeze the console. WUP Installer must be exited and reloaded to install another game.
THE SOLUTION: The ethernet adapter was causing these least, at first. The adapter worked perfectly when plugged into one of the rear ports on the Wii U. However, even if the ethernet cable itself was not plugged in, leaving the adapter connected would lead to WUP Installer GX2's constant freezing. I discovered this while making the thread in the first place. I haven't tried installing any games to NAND, so I don't know if the issue would have occurred when selecting that option instead. The issue has occurred again some time after believing it was fixed, but it seems a lot more inconsistent. Still, removing any excess devices should at least help in the installation process.
Upon launching Baten Kaitos Eternal Wings for the first time, the Wii U was left with a silent black screen. Even the power button would not work. The only way to reset the Wii U was to unplug and replug its power cord. The system seemed to work fine after that, but subsequent attempts to launch the game automatically turned the Wii U off. I had attempted to reinject the game multiple times, but the result was the same.

THE SOLUTION: This was resolved by checking the saves folder on the root of the SD card. A corrupted save file for Eternal Wings had been created with 0kb of size. Deleting it allowed the game to launch without issue. I am still unsure as to why Nintendon't had an issue with launching the game in the first place. I believed it was because of the "Force 4:3" option, but on further testing this does not seem to be the case. Other games had trouble launching and required unplugging the Wii U, but no corrupted saves were created and reinserting the SD card after checking seemed to make the problematic games work.

One of the questions I had when first making this thread has been answered, as well:
  • Upon reaching the Wii U's title limit, what happens when attempting to install another game (specifically through WUP Installer GX2)? Could the installation of further games after reaching the title limit lead to a possible brick? I know there are ways to circumvent the title limit, this is just in case I end up getting lazy in the long run.
    • I discovered the answer to this while digging a little deeper. It seems that the Wii U automatically hides icons when reaching the limit. However, I still don't know what exactly counts towards this limit, as described above.

If my questions and issues are resolved, I'll try to continually edit this post with those resolutions so future modders can have an easier time finding the answers.
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