Various issues faced starting Wii U Loadiine and Homebrew

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    I’ve avoiding asking till now. In my mind all these issues combine >_< so I've spend few hours trying to split up the issues, so sorry for long post but I’m frustrated and confused.
    After trawling the web to get the equipment needed to make sure I had right workflow, now
    feels like the deeper I go to resolve these issues, the more convoluted and lack of linear solutions there are.

    Now I've found the following problems, I’ve only found minor comments in odd posts with possible solutions.
    Not sure why these issues are not addressed all in one place like the guides (or atleast made clearer in a linear fashion, to how you may be presented with them).


    PROBLEM 1. Cannot load Mario Kart 8 in Loadiine (Black screen)
    ISSUE: Patch
    -When I used DDD to dump MK8, it has dumped a combined Game + Patch onto the PC
    (only found one comment on a post after looking for ages on issue)

    -- Deleted the patch > Changed DNS in the internet options (TubeHax DNS, to block game updates.
    But when tying the DDD dump again (or just starting MK8 disk as normal) it now REQUIRES a patch to start!
    There is no way that I can see to bypass the need for the patch, even if I remove the ethernet/usb adaptor.
    (this should really be flagged in guides, with the reason WHY you don’t want to receive updates before a dump, because you cannot get the base non merged game independent from patches.
    I.e., "Some versions of game, after a patch, are not playable through some exploits. Installing a patch before launching DDD will result in a merged game+patch which is irreversible(?)"
    "You may allocate patches in independent folders on the SD AFTER using DDD to dump the base game, if you need to play a set version of a game")

    ISSUE: Modified NAND? Launcher? Cache?
    I’m assuming if a patch is initially found, then something on the Wii U is then modified???

    Possible SOLUTIONS: Can I../Should I..?
    - Unmodify? (Undo whatever has been done that now requires the patch to make game start. How?)
    - Clear cache? (on other consoles can clear a cache, where patches reside)
    - Split/modify the DDD dump game from the merged/combined patch? (Split back into original game and independently loaded patch. Is this possible?)
    - Wipe/format Wii U to dump MK8 fresh? (obvious option BUT after research this looks like it presents PROBLEM 2)
    - Torrent a fresh MK8 and separate patch in independent folder?? (rather stick away from torrent sites when I have the disk)
    - Just get Super Smash Bros Wii U disk and load that way, rather than MiiVerse exploit (apparently will run any patch version, but would prefer going disk-less)

    WORKFLOW: So should I always..
    Set DNS first to Block updates AND game updates before a DDD dump?
    So then, if there is a patch, the Wii U/game will not be able to prepatch and modify, locking the game to only run if the patch is installed?
    By doing this and dumping base game only, I can then dump the updates after to separate folder?
    Or will have to torrent updates separately?


    PROBLEM 2. Backing up Wii U Saves and Mii before formatting console.

    ISSUE: Cant use backup save without the appropriate Mii.
    ISSUE: Apparently can only download Mii NNID once/to one Wii U??

    My main priority by getting a Wii U was to play Xenoblade Chronicles X.
    I put in 100hrs in 2 weeks.
    Before doing anything I want to backup my save.
    BUT I realise that having the save is not enough, I need the Mii connected otherwise its useless, and can never return to my progress.

    -How can I backup both and have them usable, in the normal way?
    -How can I backup my save to use in a Loadiine environment instead?
    -How can I backup my save to use in a Cemu environment instead? (if Wii U dies and/or Cemu PC has other advantages/longevity)


    PROBLEM 3. 4TB HDD Only registering 2500GB - Wanted to use for backing up saves and storage for ROMs

    -Have a 4TB LaCie Porsche Mobile drive - came with 32gb Fat32 and rest at 3.6TB NTFS
    -When formatted by Wii U came out at 2.6TB :?
    -Attaching to the PC again and going to disk manager it now comes up as Unallocated 3726GB!
    Asks me to format partitions to MBR or GPT.
    So now I cannot use for holding ROMs NOR backing up my Saves to the PC :/
    -If I format the Wii U, can I actually use the game saves backed up on the HDD?
    or will I have issues because I would not have the Mii (as explained above)??

    Possible SOLUTIONS: Can I../Should I..?
    - Connect back to the PC, use the SD card formatter to make entire 4TB drive FAT32 64k??
    - HDDs can ONLY be used for Wii, GC, and other ROMs and not Wii U ROMs??
    - YouTube has several videos in Italian where they use a FTP server app on a mobile to load ROMs of a SD card on the mobile,
    is it not possible to use a RaspberryPi with a HDD plugged in to use as storage instead?
    - Can I never backup my saves or Mii from a HDD to PC, as cant make HDD viewable?


    PROBLEM 4. Super Mario 3D World long loading. SD card inhibited because too fast for Wii U??

    - I got a Lexar Professional 150MB/s - SDXC 64GB Class 10 UHS II U3
    - I formatted with guiformat.exe to FAT32 64k (I did use 32k and had same time delay in loading)

    From little research I’ve seen titbits but not found anything concrete.
    - Does the Wii U not support UHS II (I think this means the 2 tracks of contacts on back of the SD card) but also that in backwards compatibility, UHS II will work WORSE than a UHS I card? (seen quoted on a few sites but wasnt sure if legit)
    - Or is U3 the issue?

    - Starting SM3dWorld it sticks at the screen showing controls for 12-30s (did not see difference with 32k formatting)
    then takes another 15-20s at the character select screen before starting the level.
    Would this be proof of the above, and an issue with the SD card?
    Or is this usual?
    Using retail disk, each part normally takes 2-5 secs to start.


    PROBLEM 5. Wii/GC/N64/Saturn/PS1/SNES/MD/GBA emu only done through vWii?

    -This issue is more of just confusion after going through multiple guides.
    Can someone just link/explain the most recent way/files for doing this.

    Just read the Dos and Don’t -
    as well as Definitive guide -
    one saying don’t use soft modes or ISO, the other points to using Hackmii Installer and watching out when putting into the SD:\private folder, as will need to merge, not overwrite.
    But there was no private folder in the zip.
    So unsure if right files, or even if needed as I launch Homebrew Launcher currently through:
    Internet app > > Homebrew Launcher >

    so is it still necessary to have Homebrew Channel installed on vWii???
    If so, how?
    I know that I need a Wii game + hack to launch the initial exploit installer, but its the Homebrew Launcher aka Hackmii Installer that unsure about.
    Which is latest file directory and file structure STILL needed for Wii U's virtualWii??

    What adds to confusion, I’ve seen Wii, GC and N64 games listed on peoples Loadiines carousel on YouTube.
    - So can run everything through same system now?
    - Downside is all has to be on SD card??
    - Why are many guides saying 2GB SD has to be maximum still for the vWii exploits, when the vWii recognises my 64GB FAT32 card mentioned above? Is the problem the exploit or fact its just not supported by default and placing a tutorial about formating lengthens the process??

    So confused.
    I admit I really know nothing, but after spending 2days researching I'm exhausted.
    I just want some concise answers, guide and links to addition things I may need.
    Thank you
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    Mario kart 8 with black screen is caused by the updates. Try loading with smash bros