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    Three things today:

    1) EZ4 Client.
    Thought I would take a break from rom hacking and put together a new pack of all the latest and/or greatest stuff available as I had not done it in a while.
    Grab here:

    Included is the patch from the 11th of May which fixes roms: 0876 1009 1012
    This translates as Wario master of disguise, diddy kong euro version and a nodame cantibile I think.

    GBA list updated to shrek the third (a whole 13 roms in one month)
    Thread: , download with spreadsheet if you want it here
    DS rom list updated to Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End

    Translations (* = new this update):

    Dutch (Nederlands)

    Dutch (Nederlands) Soepkip and people on IRC.
    French (Français)
    German (Deutsch) Thanks Whynot
    Hungarian (magyar) Thanks davido2
    *Italian (Italiano)
    *Polish (j?zyk polski) Thanks Ekansik
    *Spanish (Español) Thanks GreyLord
    Swedish (Svenska) Thanks Heinrisch
    Simplified Chinese.
    There would be a Korean translation as well: but I can not seem to decode it, if someone could help that would be great.

    Modulo's hacked loader is present, it fixes some issues with the GBA roms for everyone (those with EZ4 or EZ4 lites were using an old loader). There is also a nonds version where the only loader is the GBA one should you want such a thing, seperate download here:

    New in this version is xitpu's autoupdate. It requires .net 2.0 but it is a small app to help you grab the newest DS rom lists, more here:

    DLDI files added, bundled as well is the alternative DLDI that those with slow cards can use.
    Original download

    It also seems cory1492 and rudolph have been busy with the EZ4 so here is 2) and 3):

    2) EZ4 as a "2 in 1".
    This comes from little Japanese I can pull together (techincal speak is not my strongpoint) and machine translation:
    Rudolph seems to have made a DLDI based app to use the EZ4's PSRAM to run GBA games and use ram.
    Picking at the bundled NFO
    Make a folder called GBA on the root of the card and a subdirectory called save in that
    i.e. Your card will look like
    \whatever else you have
    Patch roms with GBATA or EZ4 Client beforehand

    *this is beta so usual backup of saves and the like*

    The other thing:
    It enables RAM for soft reset supporting cards, this enables you to run the app, enable ram (r button), reset and run the clean browser. If you should not have soft reset then see 3)
    Orignal post:

    3) Browser patch:
    Much like the M3, SC and G6 patches that came before it this enables usage of the EZ4 as browser memory from DS slot cards. The R4 EZ4 deluxe combo as well as EZ5 and EZ4 has been shown working as well but feedback is very much appreciated, it is also possible that the EZ3 would work (similar hardware after all) so if someone could test that would also be appreciated.

    Patch and what you need included:
    Credit to cory1492 on this one

    Original thread:

    Bear in mind the DS browser is also made using standard windows files for the most part so it is very easy to customise to your own ends.
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    Excellent [​IMG]
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    Does this mean you can use the EZ4 Lite Deluxe as RAM for DSLinux,Opera etc. Screw the 3 in1 im getting this when my pay comes tommorow