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Nov 29, 2021
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VanillaTD for Nintendo DSi

This is a Nintendo DSi port of Command & Conquer based on Vanilla Conquer.

Command & Conquer is a Real Strategy Game released in 1995 developed by Westwood Studios and its trademark is currently owned by Eletronic Arts. Tiberian Dawn was made freeware in 2007, and its sourcecode made public in 2020. Vanilla Conquer is a source port with multi-platform support.

Currently only VanillaTD is supported but Red Alert support is also planned.

For playing it on your Nintendo DSi, you will need:
  • A jailbreaked Nintendo DSi capable of running .nds ROMs in DSi mode through the memory card.
  • A memory card with at least 1.4Gb of free space.
  • Assets from DOS Command & Conquer versions: both GDI and Nod discs, with Covert Operations also supported but not necessary.

Supported features:

√ Full campaign support: all 15 GDI missions, all 13 Nod missions.
√ Covert Operations expansion.
√ All FMV content is available. Are you picking this up?
√ Sound and Music. Every track is available, and every sound effect too.
√ Skirmish game.
√ Savegames.

Unsupported Features:

x Multiplayer game.
x Dual Screen support. Only the bottom screen is used in game.
x Nintendo DS phat and Nintendo DS Lite: Not enough RAM.


For you to play VanillaTD on your NDSi, you must:
  • Download both GDI and Nod DOS C&C discs.
  • Create /vanilla-conquer/vanillatd/ path on the root of your flashcard.
  • Extract the content of both GDI and Nod discs into the folders as follows:

└── vanillatd/
├── aud.mix
├── conquer.mix
├── desert.mix
├── gdi
│ ├── general.mix
│ ├── movies.mix
│ └── scores.mix
├── local.mix
├── nod
│ ├── general.mix
│ ├── movies.mix
│ └── scores.mix
├── speech.mix
├── sounds.mix
├── temperat.mix
├── transit.mix
└── winter.mix

3 directories, 15 files

Files outside the gdi and nod folders can be retrieved from either disc, but only the GDI files are tested.
  • Double check if you extracted all files. speech.mix is easy to miss.
  • Move the vanillatd.nds rom on the root of your memory card.
  • Play.
Now, if you want to play the covert operations extension:
  • Download the Covert Operations disc image.
  • Extract sc-000.mix, sc-001.mix, and local.mix into the vanilla-conquer/vanillatd folder.
  • Extract general.mix, movies.mix and scores.mix into covertops folder.
  • The final folder will look like this (from a clean install):
└── vanillatd
├── aud.mix
├── conquer.mix
├── covertops
│ ├── general.mix
│ ├── movies.mix
│ └── scores.mix
├── desert.mix
├── gdi
│ ├── general.mix
│ ├── movies.mix
│ └── scores.mix
├── local.mix
├── nod
│ ├── general.mix
│ ├── movies.mix
│ └── scores.mix
├── sc-000.mix
├── sc-001.mix
├── speech.mix
├── sounds.mix
├── temperat.mix
├── transit.mix
└── winter.mix


Currently controls are assigned in the following manner, but it may be changed in the future as better controls are developed. This one tries to concentrate the main functions on the left hand, while the right hand is used to command units.

  • Touchscreen: Command unit (Mouse LCLICK)
  • DPAD: Scroll screen.
  • L: Cancel selection/action (Mouse RCLICK).
  • B: Force attack (CTRL).
  • A: Force trample (ALT).
  • X: Area Guard (G).
  • Y: Scatter Units (X).
  • R: Move viewport to Construction Yard (H).
  • L + DPAD: Select Team #.
  • B + L + DPAD: Assign Team #

Screenshots in attachment.

Please report bugs on the GitHub page.
Happy Conquering!


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