Value of a New 3DS XL Hyrule Limited Edition - only used about 10 hours

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by noX1609, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. noX1609

    noX1609 B9S freak ;)

    Aug 30, 2016

    because i ordered the New 3DS XL Solgaleo and Lunala Limited Edition i'm thinking about selling the Hyrule Limited Edition.
    The Console has no scratches and works without any Problems.
    The only little "problem" is that the Ring which holds the 2 Screws in the Backplate so the can't fall of when you remove the Backplate to access the SD Card.
    Installed is a9lh with SysNAND only and latest nightly Luma3DS and also the most important tools.
    The Display at the Top is a IPS Panel, Bottom one is TN.

    It comes in Original Package including an 4GB microSD with the most important things on it so Luma3DS an start right when it arrives at the buyers place (Is this allowed by the law to sell a console with the hacking Files (e.g. Decrypt9 and Hourglass9 (Do they include copyrighted code from Nintendo? Because if so then i better delete the SD and only leave Luma in CTRNAND. But there is another Problem the aes.db) on it? . The Console was used about 10 days since 08.08.2016 for a few hours. There is also Warranty left, bought it on Amazon at 08.08.2016 so Warranty is good until 07.08.2018 because it's 2 Years from what i found out Online.

    Of Course all the nessessary Files like Sysnand Backup on 9.2 and one on 2.1, the OTP.bin etc. will be burned to a DVD and comes with the package.
    The loading adapter is also included but only if the buyer can use it otherwise i keep it and give discount of 10€ works in Europe because other country's have different Wall socked so it won't fit
    I also habe a Full Body Protective Film Set from BestSkinsEver in Glossy. If you want to see them just look on there Website. Only this Film Package costs 22$ + Shipping Costs. These films are the easiest to install out of all Films i tried for Mobile phone, Macbook, Watch etc.
    Newer had a Problem with it.

    The Receipt for the 3DS XL and the Films can be send with the Item.

    So what would the specialists here say, how much is the consoles Value?
    Hope you can help me :)
    If i sell it then my first place for this will be gbatemp. Later if it's not sold here i will offer it on other Boards especially german ones (I live in Germany because of that my english is sometimes a little bit strage ;))
    Want not to put it on ebay because of the high fees they take from the money you get and also because if the a9lh hack Ebay can delete the offer and there was some Cases where ebay deleted the whole ebay account (I think it was because the device includes a method to bypass the Security of the 3Ds and this can be enought due to the stupid and ver hard laws about breaking the Copyright and removing / manipulating the security features to enable piracy here in Germany/EU.

    If this category here the wrong one please be so nice and move it to the right Category of the Board.
    Thanks in advice for your help :)
  2. eechigoo

    eechigoo Gbatemp amphibian

    Dec 22, 2016
    tu puta madre ;v

    Im just gonna say first because this place is gonna get crowded soon...

    Id give you 100 bucks which i consider rather cheap.Its 2100 pesos,and thats enough money to live for 2 weeks! (at least for now...)

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    i put such a low price on the ds because

    1)i dont have much
    2)i dont need it
    3)its customary to sell half-used at half of what they sell new.I checked and i saw some around 200.
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