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    This new game from SEGA is looking really sweet, I just checked the Teaser Trailer on PSN.
    Here is a extract from Wikipedia:

    The game is set in the fictional world of Europe in 1930, in the country of Gallia. Because of its abundance of ragnite ore—which can be refined into a powerful fuel—it has come under attack from the East European Imperial Alliance, which itself is engaged in war with the Atlantic Federation.[3] Players take control of an uprising of Gallian nationals, dedicated to repelling the invasion. The game's visuals have received a lot of attention, featuring sketch-style cel-shading of such high quality that it has attracted favorable comparisons to animations by Studio Ghibli.

    The visuals don't stand as much amog other JRPGs (specially the newest ones), but what really stands this games apart is the art style used; it's a mix of anime drawings and old movie style, the colors are not that bright. You can also not the top art direction on the design of the buildings and vehicles: it is a mixture of medieval and contemporary weaponry, think Advance Wars: Days of Ruin meets Command & Conquer meets Final Fantasy but unlike FF12, the War in this game feels a lot like past Grandia games, tanks look cool, weapons shoot missiles and everything explode quite nicely. As usual the characters seem like the regular Anime style-with a hidden past ones from any other JRPG. Magic as always seems to be present, on the trailer the (my guess) evil commander deflects an incoming projective with a blue halo.
    The gameplay also looks very interesting, here is a another extract from Wikipedia:

    Valkyria Chronicles features a unique turn-based battle system called BLiTZ (Battle of Live Tactical Zones).[5] In-between turns players are treated to an overhead map view, Command Mode, but zoom in to control each individual unit on the battlefield during Action Mode. Movement and other actions are handled in real time during Action Mode, though limited by an AP gauge that varies for each character. This gauge can recharge even during the same turn as you operate other characters. Additionally, players are in direct control of the characters' aim during Target Mode, allowing for head-shots and other advantages. Taking command of individual units during the player's phase costs Command Points, which can be utilized dynamically to either grant movement to many different units or the same unit consecutively depending on what the player wants to accomplish.

    Each character in the game fulfills a specific role—for instance, Alicia is a mid-range rifle soldier, while Welkin is a tank commander. There are also a host of other roles including assault infantry, medics, anti-tank specialists, snipers, and engineers.
    These various units form a rock-paper-scissors dynamic of strength and weakness. The foot soldiers (reconnaissance, assault, and sniper) are effective against slower anti-tank units; anti-tank units can easily down tanks with a well-aimed shot; and tanks are devastating against infantry, whose weapons bounce off their thick armor. (Infantry can, however, inflict damage against a tank's ragnite cores, which lie exposed on the aft of the vehicle.) By gaining experience and completing missions, the player's army and materiel can be upgraded. Soldiers receive improved weapons and equipment; vehicles can be outfitted with better armor and armaments; and friendly forces are expanded.

    I look forward to play this one. Expect it to hit US shores on November 2008. No specific date other than Q3 2008 was announced for EU.
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    That is the only PS3 game I want >.> Especially since it has some easter eggs relating to Skies of Arcadia >.>
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    I love the shades. They look like pen/pencil shaded.

    The game is turn based strategy RPG. But it mixes in TPS control when you control units. PS2 game Ring of Red had a similar concept, just Valkyria system looks more polished.

    If you expect a shooter, you'll have trouble playing this game because it's highly strategic. Like if you use bazooka to hit tank's radiator, the tank's gonna blow up in one hit and such.

    Also, Valkyria (Selvaria) looks totally hot. I wanted my girlfriend to do a Selvaria cosplay for halloween, but we figured this game wouldn't be well known at that time. (And drill sword/blue aura would be too hard)