Valhalla Ver 0.1

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    Valhalla Ver 0.1

    ported to the DS

    Barta has just unrolled his homebrew game entry for PAlib's DS Dev Compo, Valhalla v0.1. As you've probably guessed already, Valhalla v0.1 is a DS port of the classic Amiga game Valhalla.

    Now for those who don't remember, Valhalla was called a "speech adventure" because your character talks to you when you instruct him to do something. Barta says that the game still needs a lot of work but he wanted to share it with the rest of the homebrew community just as well.


    [​IMG] Valhalla v0.1

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    I remember this game! Christ. Actually I think I remember it not running on my Amiga for some reason.