Utility to check video for playback compatibility?

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    I have my whole DVD library archived so I can watch them on my PC and XBox..
    However, while all the videos work fine on the PC, some do not on the XBox..
    I realise the xbox will only playback MPG4/h.264, but I have several videos
    that ARE MPG4 that still do not playback on the xbox..

    Is there a utility that I can run on videos that do not work that will tell me
    what the problem is? I'm hoping it is someting I can fix
    without re-encoding if possible..
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    If it's not the right video codec or the framerate/resolution is out of the expected bounds, re-encoding will be needed to change it. if that's not it and it's an audio issue (rarer but does happen) it'll at least be a shorter encode since you should be able to tell your converter to stream-copy the video data.

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    What I have is what I gathered online plus some estimations based on my experience,

    H.264 is supported if it has a level lower than 4.1, 8-bit color depth, and,

    * 480p with maximum of 8 reference frames
    * 720p with maximum of 6 reference frames and no more than 60 fps
    * 1080p with maximum of 4 reference frames and no more than 30 fps

    MPEG-4 (Xvid) is supported if,

    * Bitrate is 5 mbps or lower
    * Resolution of 720p or lower and no more than 30 fps

    Audio codec is regular AAC (no HE) with 2-channel only. Container is .mp4 only (no .mkv support).
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