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    Aug 18, 2020
    United States
    First post, sorry if things aren't flaired correctly or whatnot.

    I am trying to edit a hat and shirt to look more like Gold/Ethan's style in ultra moon, and I have the hat done.
    After using unpack and BLCIM in pk3ds to unpack the garc file (a/1/8/2), I exported the model and texture using ohana3ds-rebirth.
    I have edited the hat model in blender (a simple rotation to make it backwards), and changing the texture (still the same file dimensions and mesh as the original) to match.
    But now, when trying to import the model and texture back in, I have come to a wall. I cannot decompress the original bin file (001.bin) as it always comes up as 0 bytes, and there appears to be no way to edit the new model and texture back in. I have google searched and tested everything in pk3ds and ohana, but cannot figure this out.

    I figure it has something to do with that all the tutorials are for pokemon or trainer models/textures, but I can't even import the texture properly in ohana anyway so I am lost as to what to try next.

    Thanks for any and all help.
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