Using Sky3DS's diskwriter tool with ROMs injected with private headers via Gateway ROM Patcher

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    As I am waiting for my Sky3DS to ship in (delayed due to Chinese New Year :glare:), I decided to start injecting a private header extracted from my Pokemon Alpha Sapphire retail copy into all of my downloaded ROMs via Gateway's Gateway ROM Patcher application. However, when trying to write these ROMs onto my Micro SD with the Sky3DS's DiskWriter tool, the following message appears:

    Does this mean something went wrong since I used Gateway's tool with Sky3DS's writer or is this supposed to happen?
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    Injecting private headers via Gateway ROM Patcher is useless because it both results in changing the SHA1 of the ROM and is pointless anyways because DiskWriter overwrites the header. What you need to do is adjust the template file by inserting the UniqueID string into the game entry.
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