Tutorial Hacking Using roblox studio to make Mario Kart 8 Deluxe custom tracks


Jul 8, 2018
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Since it's hard for me to work out with blender when modeling layouts and terrain and what not, id figure I use roblox studio as an alt modeling source and id might as well share the tutorial lol :P

What you need:
Roblox studio:https://www.roblox.com/create
Track studio: https://github.com/MapStudioProject/Track-Studio
Startgrid mesh: https://www.roblox.com/library/9691955785/StartGrid
Plane mesh: https://www.roblox.com/library/9691922213/flat-plane
Blender: https://www.blender.org/
Builder v4: https://www.roblox.com/library/143383965/Build-v4

Open up roblox studio and start with a baseplate, then go to the explorer and click on workspace, a small "+" icon should show up
click on that and then add a folder and name it to something like road or track

Now click over folder you just added and press the + icon again, search for mesh part and add it in or drag and drop into the folder you just created, and then press on your mesh part and open the links to Startgrid and Plane meshes
It should now look like this don't forget to click on your meshpart, you are ready to add your meshes!

Go to the links to startgrid and plane meshes and click on the url, highlight the MeshID and copy Then go back to roblox studio, click a mesh part and go down to properties and paste in the Mesh id, it should look like this now

Do the same for the plane mesh and you should be good to go!
Now, you will need the builder v4 plugin and you have to scale your plane mesh otherwise the track would look too small you might need to move the startgrid just a tad so that you can see what you're doing

Open the builder v4 plugin and hover your mouse over the edge of the mesh, it should look like this, oh yeah don't forget to click on the button that has two green arrows, this will be used for scaling and making curves

If you have gotten this far then great! the track might look like this when you are done creating the layout when clicking on the folder

You can delete your mesh part that has the startgrid mesh applied to it, we don't need that anymore
Now it's time for exporting! Right click on the folder and move to export section ,the folder and the whole model will export as an .obj
Save it to a directory that you know where to find and then open blender and you will notice a cube, camera and light Hold left click and move your mouse over those and then press X to delete them because those will get in the way, especially the cube
Now go to the top left and click file>import>Wavefront (.obj) and then find your exported .obj model from roblox studio it should now look like this!

Click on the model you imported and there should be stuff like position, rotation and scale size set the scale size to numbers between 12-15, now you got this!

Before we export from blender, you need to press A and then press Ctrl + A and then click All transform, this will select everything and transform the model scale size back to 1 but it will keep the actual model size that you changed (you have to transform all otherwise the game will render the model WAY too big!)
BEFORE YOU EXPORT! you need to set the position model to Forward Axis Y and Up Axis Z, this will prevent having your track model appear flipped sideways or upside down when in-game
Now go to file>Export>Collada (.dae) and export it as a .dae file

Now open track studio and go to file>new>custom track you should get a window like this one
Since we are modding 8 deluxe, this setting needs to be ticked on and then click ok

go to collision editor and on the left side theres a course_kcl.szs right click and then move down a bit and hit replace and replace it with your track model .dae file another window is going to open and it will have a few options on what type of collision it's going to set, you need to click on Materials by Meshes, since this is just a example track click on road1 and just set it to something like asphalt now it should look like this

Move over to model editor and do the same from collision editor, but this time move to the models directory from the model editor and do the same and now it should be like this on both model and map editor

You might need to reposition the startgrid point to where it sits in the middle of the road

Now click on file>save for map, model and collision, find your files in the directory you saved them in and copy them to your modpack or an emulator modpack/graphics pack i am going to import this track to Gu_FirstCircuit (Mario kart Stadium) and this is the final result:
Screenshot (16).png

I hope this helps for people who want to try to get into 8 deluxe modding!


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Dec 12, 2017
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This dude also recently made some elaborate youtube tutorials for Mario Kart 8 Track Studio, worth checking out as he's recently released some very impressive custom Mario Kart 8 courses, I know video tutorials aren't always a great idea, but for something like modding of a specific game, I think they can be much more helpful with far less to worry about potentially bricking your system:

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