using projection tv as computer monitor help.

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    title, using a dvi cord, seems to be alignment/scaling issues.

    card ati radeon HD 5450 (crap)
    TV Mitsubishi 55" 1080i projection screen. it looks TLTR ik, but any help is appreciated. google was not a friend, or im just not looking for the right thing.

    i can certainly live without it being on the tv, just want it for movies and such when my consoles cant stream when theres high internet usage. no hdmi ports, just component/composite and one dvi port. using a dvi-d dual link cord. if scaled all the way up, a big portion of the left screen is missing but no black bars on tv, if scaled down all the way, start bar and left screen is visible, but black bar on bottom and right side are visible. using ati CCC has no options to adjust only one side of the screen, setting it to 1080i doesnt do anything as well, have tried every available resolution, most low resolutions almost cut all the bar out, and the higher the resolution, the bigger the bar till 1360x768.