Using Original Gameboy Advanced Player On Gamecube with a burned Gamecube Gameboy Game Disc?

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    Hello. I bought a gamecube and a gamecube gameboy player to play on TV/Monitor/etc. However, since that long time ago, after moving houses about 3 times, I've lost the disc.

    Is there a way to still play this on a tv with a burned gamecube disc on a CD mini or dvd mini (presuming they exist)? Or am I out of luck?

    EDIT: I've seen threads about modding the GCN. This is not an option for me, as it seems to be cheaper to buy the disc itself than buying a modchip. I can afford any options under 50 dollars, please.
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    Mini-DVD-R exist (use -R, not +R). But the Cube is not actually good at reading burned discs. It may require opening the console and adjusting the potentiometer (lowering the resistance) for the laser. You may have to try multiple types of blank media. Ritek G04/G05 are considered the best, but hard to find nowadays.

    In order to use burned discs or software from SDs you need the possibility to start Swiss. If you own one legit disc from the list here: (this wiki is a good starting point for many GameCube questions)
    You can use a save exploit (else just buy the cheapest game). The boot.gci from the Swiss package does not fit on the “Memory Card 59”

    The only problem is to get the save exploit on the memory card. Easiest way is using a hacked Wii and software like GCMM.

    Once Swiss is started you can
    • (try) booting burned media
    • load ISO files from SDgecko (passive adapter; very cheap)
    • Start homebrew software like GBI from SDgecko (and you can even boot GBI from normal memory card without Swiss)
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    mod chips are about $5 have a look on ebay or eurasia very easy to install by any repair person , burn the disc , ebay again for the mini dvd-r , i did it n mine , igot a gameboy player for $15 from the USA with no disc
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    The authentic USA gameboy player disc has gotten pricey.

    In the long run, arguably even buying a Japanese Gamecube to import the disc is more cost effective. That way you'll gain perfect JP game compatibility without modding or anything else.
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    Mar 15, 2009
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