Using nfc phone to act like a nfc reader/writer for o3ds?

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    I know there's already a nfc reader/writer out for the o3ds. But is there a way that someone could use a nfc-capable phone to make it act like the nfc reader/writer for the o3ds? Maybe there's an app out there that will let you do this? I assume that you probably would have to change the signal/bandwidth that the o3DS picks up from the nfc reader in order for it to work or something. I just want to be able to tap my amiibos on my phone and make my o3DS pick up the signal so they can be scanned into a game. I don't plan on using it to exploit/hack amiibos.

    This is the nfc reader/writer for the o3DS:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    I would assume you would need a cellphone with an IR receiver/blaster plus a NFC reader. Not many phones have IR anymore, my old HTC One M7 did but that was a few years back. I'd say its safe to say something like this will never surface.

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