Using my N3DS, can I get the ROMs of my physical NDS games?

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    Apr 27, 2016
    Okay, so I followed a tutorial on here to finally get Homebrew on my N3DS. It's great, works a treat!
    The only reason I did this is so I can stream to my PC to record gameplay.

    However, I was wondering if there is a way to get the ROMs from DS games so I can play them using an emulator on my PC. I'll record the gameplay from the emulator.

    I know I can just download ROMs from the internet, but I want to make it as "legit" as possible, as I hope to transfer the save files back to the card in case I want to play away from my PC.

    In the case of the Pokemon games, I want to be able to transfer them to Bank to complete my living dex (why being legit is important).
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    Apr 30, 2016
    Yes, you can!
    You can use two different A9LH payloads to do that:
    - Decrypt9: Go to "Gamecart Dumper Options" > "Dump Cart (full)" or "Dump Cart (trim)": Your .nds file will be saved under /files9/
    - GodMode9: Go under "[C:] GAMECART" > Copy the file that you prefer to use with Y > .. (go up one folder) > "[0:] SDCARD" > Navigate where you want to save your .nds file > Press Y to paste the file > Press A to validate
    Once you dumped the .nds file, you can use it in any Flashcard or Emulator and it should work right away !
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    If you use roms found on the internet, play on pc via an emulator, and transfer your saves back to your physical games - your pokemon will be just as legit.