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    I find myself re-ripping all of my games. I ripped them a few years ago so my kid's wouldn't need to swap discs, but now (after several system updates initiated by the kids, and me re-modding the Wii to get the loaders, etc working again), I find that several of the games no longer work. They usually freeze after playing them for a bit. I typically find that re-ripping them has fixed the problem.

    So now I am on a 'quest' to find the best way to ensure this doesn't happen again, or if it does, that I can find out about it. I've switched my HDD from WBFS to a FAT32/NTFS dual partition (after testing I found that NTFS smoked FAT32 for ripping speed on my system). I'm ripping all of my discs to the NTFS partition, then taking the drive to a computer and running Wii Backup Manager and creating MD5's for the titles, and transferring them to my PC for backup purposes. I figure this way if problems start again, I can use Wii Backup Manager to verify the MD5 to see if they have become corrupted somehow.

    BUT now the strangeness starts. In order to make sure they all rip correctly, I'm planning on doing each title twice for comparison. In my tests so far, I'm finding that the WBFS MD5 returned through WBM (Wii Backup Manager) matches, but the file based MD5's that I create using fsum again the actual *.wbfs file on the file system DO NOT MATCH between the two rips.

    I'm confused. How can the WBFS MD5 inside WBM match, but the actual *.wbfs files are different according to the file system MD5? Are there different compression algorithms used when USB Loader GX rips the games, so the actual files are slightly different each time?

    Any insight into this would be great!
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