using cmios for neogamma and so on

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    Oct 9, 2011
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    I've just started getting my wii all setup and I've been working on loading GC games from the dvd drive. I used ModMii to setup the SD card and everything has worked great except neogamma. I know the problem is I don't have the cmios that is required (wiigator's v10 or v4) so I d/l both of them and I'm wondering what do I do with them. I have know idea what installing the cmios does (overwrite my operating system?). It would be nice if the cmios changed only when I needed to do GC games or it changed back after the wii reboots.

    So how do I, on the wii, change this cmios I have, and do I need to change it back? Also any tips on v4 vs v10, I would think the newer version if its compatible would be better but the neogamma guide (which I've read 49 times) links to the v4.