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  1. ZeD

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    Hi all, just starting to use abgx36o to check isos.
    When I test i get all greens on Stealth, but on most games the verification is yellow (fails) because there is not an .ini file avaliable. Is this ok? I just assumed it was all about the stealth patching (from what I've read)

    Many Thanks
  2. triassic911

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    They use the scene releases in their database. If it fails, I personally do not play it since it might be a reviewers copy.
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    If verification fails, that means that there's something wrong with the ISO. This isn't always a bad thing, though, because when verification fails, ABGX360 starts autofix, which will attempt to fix the errors in the ISO. If it's successful (I've never had an ISO that it wasn't successful) then it'll say "Autofix successful" near the bottom, and then something like "verification complete". That means it was fixed and it's now safe for burning and playing.

    On the other hand, if it fails (which I've never had happen) then it'll clearly say that it failed and make it clear to you that it's not safe for burning. In that case, delete the ISO from your computer and find a new one.