1. No Name Trowa Barton

    OP No Name Trowa Barton Namaiki iun-ja naiyo™

    Oct 24, 2002
    United States
    on this end i want get much help on the psp side of things but does anyone have the sorce to WifiME? i have a V1 ds (it hangs on pictochat when i eject a game) anyways i want to wifi me my ds but i dont have the nessesary wifi cards and i think it would be awsome to have NDS demos and what not on a psp hosting for ds users. maby even pave the way to homebrew that gameshares from the psp to the ds.

    so does anyone know where i can get the sorce for Wifi me? i found the downloads of the versions but not the sorce.

    also anyone want to lend a hand on doing this?
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