Used WBFS Manager to add a game, now USB Loader GX sees zero games.

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    Hey All

    My boyfriend got the homebrew stuff working on the vWii a while ago. Today, I played around with some Wii games and decided I wanted to add some more. He didn't have whatever software he used when he first put it together, so I went and downloaded WBFS Manager. It saw all the games (the drive is formatted WBFS) and I added a few games. But then when I load it into the USB Loader GX, It didn't find any of the games at all. I know I loaded the HDD correct, cause it didn't give the HDD countdown (and when I'd use the other usb port it would do the countdown). I also used Wii Backup Manager and it can see all the games on the HDD as well. Is there something I did wrong? Thanks.

    tldr: everything used to work fine, added some games with WBFS Manager and now USB Loader sees no games.
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    WBFS manager is old, and corrupts the drives.
    Wii backup Manager should tell you if there's an issue with your drive (look in the log tab), but you may need to run "HDD tab > tools > WBFS > Fix free block table".
    If you have any block table fixed, your drive is/was corrupted.
    FAT32 doesn't corrupt drives. WBFS is very unstable.

    In USBLoaderGX, try to force a partition re-load by going to Settings > HDD settings > Partition (click on the first line to force partition reload)