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  1. izo

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    Jul 13, 2003

    Is it somehow possible to use the saves stored on one Wii on another Wii? As far as I know one can copy the saves to the SDcard but not copy them from the SDcard to the Wii. At least that's what I heard.
    I have a Gamecube and with the memory card it's very easy to use my saves on my friend's Wiis, so it doesn't matter where we decide to play. How does this work on the Wii? Do I have to carry my Wii around in order to use my saves at other places?
  2. legendofphil

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    Nov 19, 2002
    The saves on the Wii are encrypted to one console like the VC games.
    I think there was a datel tool that allowed you to transfer saves but I can't remember the name of it.
  3. SomeGuyGG

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    Jun 28, 2004

    The saves aren't encrypted, you just have to make sure you put it in the right folder on you SD card.

    So you can just save it to your SD card, go to a friends house and copy it to his Wii and it will work.