USBLoaderGX vWii won't detect some of my games.

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  1. farey633

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    Mar 20, 2017

    Everytime when I opened USBLoaderGX in the vWii, it doesn't show up some of the games.
    I've only had 3 games in my 16GB flash drive - NSMBWii, SMG2 and Mario and Sonic Winter Games.
    When USBLoaderGX boots, it only shows NSMBWii and SMG2. And sometimes when I click on
    one of the game and opens up the channel view, there's always a distorting sound.

    The only way to do this is to reset the settings everytime I want to play Mario and Sonic Winter Games - and that's ridiculous, I'm not gonna setup my preferences everytime I boot up.

    How do I fix this, is there anyway to get rid of this bug?
  2. The3rdknuckles

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    Dec 30, 2015
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    Idk about a fix but I have some tips maybe.....
    1. I use cfgloader to play my Wii games.
    2. My hard drive is formatted to fat32.
    3. I have a miniboot.elf file.
    4. My wbfs folder with the games has folders in it for games and each one of those has a wbfs file in it.