Hacking USBLoaderGX v3.0 r1272 + LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 (Nunchuk + Wii Menu Issues)


XP not matters.
Nov 8, 2018

I have played this Game (NTSC Version R25EWR) and when on 2 Player Game after each new Level starts

- the Nunchuk on Wiimote 1 is sometimes not responding.
- the Nunchuk on Wiimote 2 is not responding at all.

After being removed and reconnected, both work again until the next Level is loaded.
My first thought was the Nunchuks Cable was (maybe) broken because I have not used them for a long time (maybe over a Year).

Then I want to get back to Loader with the "HOME" button but no reponse on that BUTTON on both Wiimotes,the Wiimotes ITSELFS are OK.So I have to press the Wii´s Power Button shortly to get back to USBLoaderGX.

Then I have tried this Game with the Configurable USB Loader and there it works without any troubles including getting back to the Homebrew Channel with the "HOME" Button.
I watched the messages on the Game loading and noticed it uses IOS 250 for the game.

Then I change it too in USBLoader GX from -1 to 250 and then the Nunchuk Issues are gone.:yay:

But I have still no access back to the Wii Menu/USBLoaderGX with the "HOME" button.I still have to press the Power Button on the Wii.
I have also tried the recommendations from the USB Game Compatibility Table to set the "002 fix/Patch Country Strings" and "Block ISO reload"

Do you please have any suggestions or solutions for this ?

Thank you.:)


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