USBLoaderGX 222v4 settings problems

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    OK, here it is, the definitive "what the hell is going on" question.

    I would have put this in the GX thread but I just don't think that's the problem, I really don't know what is going on. I need help.

    So I'm modding my sisters Wii right ! everything is going great, everything went real smooth and then wammy,

    Hermes 222v4, 222v5, 222v5.1 will not work when using it in the game load settings for usbloadergx. GX will not find the drive if 222v4 is set in the config. GX runs from 249 just fine every time if I delete the config off the usb. GX boots straight into 249. I can see the games and all that. When I change the setting to 222, nothing. GX will not find the usb and crashes even if I select 249 at the splash screen. I have re-installed 222 as v4 and as v5 and I've updated to 4.2U also. The same drive and the same wads and the same installers work on both my other 2 wii's but it will not work on my sisters for some reason. Damn I'm getting pissed, you try to help someone out and wammy.

    Anybody got any idea on what's going on ???

    EDIT: latest GX from download, 4.2U, 222v4 hermes installer, 17b249 wanin installed
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    i had to use 223 merged to get usbgx to see my drive