Usbloader (Naruto Clash of the ninja 3?)

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    Alright ive done searchs for about a week trying to figure this out but i have all my stuff updated 4.2J for me and what not. So I have online. Have the homebrew channel and what not. So I have neogamma and usbloader GX and I just got Uloader today. I tried all these to run my Naruto Clash of the ninja 3 iso from usb but still not working. I get black screen nothing else. Is it just not possible on usb? or am i missing something. Plus ive tried it in cIos 222/223/249 and no luck at all.

    Need help please someone
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    I am having this problem too, I really hope someone knows a solution.

    UPDATE: Okay, I realized that my copy of the game is PAL. Usbloader GX (r921, channel version) doesn't seem to be able to load it using a variety of settings, but I was able to load it with Configurable USB loader (the latest version, v56) by changing the settings to force NTSC video. The image is not completely full screen, and when you hit the Home button, the buttons are huge, and it cuts off the corners of the screen (I'm assuming a resolution difference, though I'm not exactly sure of the specifics, I know nothing about PAL resolution(s)). I am going to try to get an NTSC version of the game, and in the meantime I will test this copy with usbloaderGX r929, .dol version, because I really like the GX gui, plus it tells you above the game's cover art whether the image is PAL or NTSC, and I haven't seen that on the other loaders (it may be there but I haven't seen it) just in case I forget, lol.
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