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  1. Clivo

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    Aug 11, 2011
    Hi All

    I am having trouble with the USB ports on my Wii.

    The console has been softmodded with Homebrew Channel, Configurable USB Loader, Backup Disc Channel and LoadMii. The firmware version is 4.2E.

    I have no idea how this softmodding thing works, it was done for me by a guy who has since moved out of town due to work commitments.

    I have just purchased EA Sports Active 2 which comes with a wireless heartrate monitor, motion sensor for the right leg and a USB dongle for the Wii to collect all this data. I have downloaded a backup copy of the software as I have been told playing any original discs will reset the console back to normal.

    The backup discs runs ok but the USB dongle is not recognised by the console and I suspect the softmodding has done something to the USB drivers or something which means the game and it's wireless accessories will not work as intended.

    I have checked all the bits on another console, standard factory settings, and everything works great.

    I'd appreciate and help and advice on how I may get round this problem.

    With Thanks

  2. Kittymat

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    Oct 16, 2008
    With the original disc, it will try to update the console to 4.3, however priiloader if installed and the hack is set will prevent this.

    I do not have the game but have seen a thread that said it was working if you select 223 as the cios to run the game from. Select this in the individual game setting in cfg