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    Ok I've spent at least 7-8 hrs last 2 nights trying to get this to work. I've been out of the scene for a while but decided to get a 320gb usb WD elements hard drive to load games off of. I then use wii flow to view / run the games and I'm getting weird results. New Super Mario Bros runs fine but games like Mad World and Metriod Prime Trilogy just stays at "Please wait.." and my controller turns off.

    I made sure these are the NTSC version of the game for my NTSC console. I had like 10-15 games on the drive all at once before but did an integrity check with one of the wbfs tools and found many games not checking out and having bad LBA errors. So I reformatted the WBFS partition and put 4-5 games on one at a time and they check out now with the same results being stuck at "Please Wait.." for those certain games.

    I also updated my IOS's to 4.2 with the safe updating tool, then updated IOS 249 with cIOS36 rev 17 tool via the network. Is my modchip getting in the way when running off a usb harddrive? I have a wiiNinja installed but don't care to load games from disk anymore. Does anyone have any ideas what I could try? The next thing I'm going to try is thinking I might have a bad hard drive because of those integrity checks is to try a different drive.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Metroid Trilogy doesn't work without Alt. Dols due to its design. Mad World was stubborn, but I forgot the fix since I don't have it.

    You might try installing Hermes IOS222 (use 38 merge 60 in the installer) and setting your loader to run stubborn games using that IOS instead.

    BTW, I had horrible experiences with the WD drives. My friend got one for xmas that worked fine on a PC, but refused to work with any USB loader (they all froze or dumped). He returned it and got a seagate, and all problems vanished.