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    Jun 3, 2010
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    First, let me say Thank You to everyone everyone here who makes this possible.
    I have setup a usb drive(its compatible) with a wbfs partition and have been using wbfs mamager and wiibackup manager to add games to it. I have added both .iso and wbfs games(ntsc only). I see that only the actual .iso or .wbfs file is added. So my question is when I use the usb drive will i see game titles and cover images or do I have to do something else to add those. I have not done the soft mod yet as I am waiting for my new sd cards to arrive.

    One other question...can I load pal games as well, i thought i read that was part of the mod, but I've seen post where people say playing the wrong game can brick the wii, so now I am confused.

    Once again thanks to all.
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    your usb loader will dl the cover art for you. pal disc games are fine, dont update from them, pal wiiware/VC may brick you. Please read up before posting nd DEFINITELY before you mod your wii so we dont see u in a few days screaming about your bricked wii