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    I am new to the USB Loader scene, and I have a few questions.

    1) Is it possible to install a wad to have a channel for usbloader gx, or does it need to be started from the HBC?

    2) Once I have the USB Loader installed on my Wii, I know the files have to be a certain format on the external drive. What program do I use to convert the ISO's that I have for my games?

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    Click on the 0ld8oy's Files link in my signature and go into the channel folder to get the latest channel.wad

    Use WBFS manager to format your harddrive. You can also use WBFS Manager to install any ISOs you have on your computer. To install a game to your drive, simply insert a disc into your Wii after you start USB Loader GX and it will ask you if you want to install.

    Also, make sure you read through this to learn about the options and help you get your bearings.
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    you dont need to convert any isos. just make sure your drive is formatted as WBFS (via WBFS manager ir the wii). then use WBFS manager to transfer games onto the drive as windows doesnt find the WBFS drive.
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