USB Loader GX sending me back when I boot up a downloaded game

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  1. Shind

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    Sep 2, 2018
    So, I myself am VERY new to the wii hacking stuff mcjiggeroonies, but I somehow managed to get Homebrew, d2x cios installer and USBLoaderGX on my wii. I first installed the d2x installer, following the steps on this youtube video: . I got my USB, formatted it to FAT, and added a Folder named "wbfs", and in there I put 2 wbfs files, Mario Party 9 and Wii Sports, Mario Party 9 show up on my USB Loader, but Wii Sports completely doesnt, and also, when I boot up Mario Party 9, it just kicks me to the Homebrew HomePage. How does one fix both issues?:unsure::unsure::unsure:
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    Is Wii Sports located in USB:/wbfs/"Any name here" [GAMEID]?
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    Sep 2, 2018
    yes, they both are.
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    /wbfs/Title [TitleID]/TitleID.wbfs

    If the console reboots it means the console didn't find the game, so either :
    - cIOS not installed
    - wrong usb port
    - hdd not compatible
  5. SSorin

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    Sep 4, 2018
    Trying other games will work,because wii sports games always had a problem with wii,you need to do some settings that i forgot in your usb loader,recommended Usb Loader Gx.
    You will find tons of videos with ppl that turn ERROR 002 FIX on,that option is not avaible on USB LOADER GX anymore.
    Instead,try using VidTv Patch On.(Settings->Game Load)
    After turning that on,go down in the settings,till u find Alternate Dol.
    Press it till u find something like select from...(idk how its called i did thid a long time ago).
    On Select Dol press Player.
    Save and boot the game.It will restart your wii/show u a black screen.Don't be scared!
    Go again in usb loader gx,and set Alternate Dol to Default again.
    Save,boot the game,and it should work.
    If it doesn't work,i'm gonna look into my loader settings.
    EDIT: My bad,i just noticed that your game doesn't show up in the usb loader.
    If you have a forwader channel,DON'T USE IT!
    Just install it on homebrew.
    Forwader channels are unstable!
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    What? The forwarder channel is not unstable and a lot of that has nothing to do with this user's problem. Please don't provide random advice.