Hacking USB Loader GX - Problems Explained

Steamy Beast

Oct 22, 2015
Hello All,

I'm really hoping we can solve my problems with my WiiU build, which was once working perfectly. As far as I am aware, I didn't change anything for it to stop working. Went to play one day, and I encountered these problems.

Firstly, I am using an 8TB Western Digital HDD with its own power supply and a Y-Cable into the back of the console. This drive is full of Wii and Gamecube games. The Gamecube games work fine through Nintendont and USB Loader GX. The Wii games no longer work.

In the credits section of USB Loader GX, I have obtained the following information: "Nintendont v6.489" Also it says "Rev 1271 IOS58(Rev6432) * AHB".

The problems are this:

When I first load USB loader GX there is a 20 second initialising USB drive message. The whole 20 seconds passes and then it boots. I don't remember this happening before. On the screen I can see my Wii Games and Gamecube games. The Wii games have cover art but the Gamecube games do not (although I'm pretty sure they did before).

When I click on a Wii game to load I just get a black screen for about 10 minutes and then I get kicked to the Homebrew Channel

I also notice the menus and loading of content is a lot slower. I do have about 6TB of games but I remember it being quicker.

If anybody can help me to get this working I will be so appreciative.

Thank you in advance.
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