Hacking USB Loader GX Ocarina codes not working


Mar 17, 2010
United States
I don't know if its USB Loader GX or the codes but the codes for Tales of Graces (STGJAF) will not work for me.

I took the codes from this site http://www.geocities.jp/writzkzo/wii/stgjaf.txt and I made a txt file and put it in the proper folder within my SD card. I booted up USB loader GX from the channel and go to the game settings to turn on the appropriate codes.

I turn on this code

42000000 90000000
08015404 00000100
108C0006 00000000
E0000000 80008000

which enables me to have all titles for the main character. I also turn on all the other character's "all titles" code. The code manager in USB Loader gx makes the GCT file, I turn on the Ocarina option in game settings and I manage to get into the game and the titles are all there. I then save, exit the game, turn off the codes and Ocarina in game settings and turn the game on again and see that yes, all the titles manage to save.

Next, I turn on this code

42000000 80000000
040ED28C 60000000
040ED298 1C00000A
E0000000 80008000

which enables me to have 10x SP (experience points to master all the titles). I do the same thing, let the code manager make the gct file, turn on Ocarina in game settings, and try to load the game. But then I get a black screen with all this code gibberish on it. I clear the .gct file from my SD card and try again and its the same thing. Then, I clear the .gct file again and this time turn on the "all titles" code again, which previously worked. Now, the all titles code gives me the same black, code gibberish page.

Any idea why this is happening and how to fix it so that all the codes work? This might be game specific since I managed to get codes working for No More Heroes 1 but that game's codes were on the Gecko code website.

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