USB Loader GX not reading my games.

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by FernandoBuscigli, Dec 14, 2011.

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    Dec 14, 2011
    Hello all, I bought a Wii yesterday and it took me literally minutes after opening it to softmod it. So far so good. I am playing NES, Genesis, VBA, and SNES games off their respective emulators from the Homebrew Channel. I am on 4.3u. Now here's the thing. I have a GoFlex 2TB HD and i formatted it to FAT32 so that it would read everything in the Homebrew Channel. The thing is that, even though the Homebrew Channel reads the USB Loader GX (latest Version), when I click on my "New Super Mario Bros" Game it goes black, then boots back to the main menu of Homebrew channel. The thing is, The game doesn't show as 4.3GB in the USB Loader, it shows as 0.50GB, which seems strange to me, shouldn't it appear in the HDD as the full size game??
    Super Mario is in PAL format, although I don't think that matters, right?
    What confuses me is that I hear that the HDD has to be formatted as FAT32, then other people say NTFS, and others say WBFS, so far the only one format that actually reads things from the Homebrew Channel is FAT32.
    I used Wii backup fusion, Wii backup manager, and Wii Game manager, same with all of them. What am I doing wrong, please help me out with this so I can start enjoying a Wii game, something I always wanted to play but never got to, so far I'm loving this console, but I want to start playing actual Wii games. Thanks so much for the patience and help in advance.

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    Sep 10, 2011
    The filesystem on the HDD doesnt matter much. FAT32 is generally recommended because of the overall compability.
    Wii backup manager(WBM), and probably other similar tools, converts the ISO's to .wbfs. This removes all the dummy data. The fact is - NSMB IS only 500MB, the rest in the ISO is just junk.

    If you could post a syscheck it would help.
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    Apr 5, 2011
    Fat32 should work. WBFS partitions are no longer used. Some usb loaders support NTFS, others don't.
    Did you follow a guide like modmii to mod your wii? You will need to install some Cios to get your usbloader working.
    It might help if you could post a syscheck. It will show you what is installed on your wii.

    The region of your game is important. Games from other regions might work if their setup is correctly, but their is no guarantee. Start with a game for your own region.

    Most usb loaders work with the wbfs file format. It's the game iso with all the unused data removed from it. This makes the game backup files a lot smaller, and 0.5GB is not uncommon for a game.