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Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by sylvie.p, Dec 31, 2010.

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    I have installed usb loader gx on my son's wii. It seems to work fine. However, the reason I am playing from backups is to play pal games that speak French. All my backups are pal. I tested with one ntsc game and it works fine.
    Here's what happens:
    1- my usb drive is plugged in the right usb port (i.e. the port that is farthest to the right when looking at the back of the wii)
    2- I start usb loader as a channel
    3- if I have the sd card in the sd slot, then the usb loader only sees the 2GB FAT partition so it doesn't see games
    4- if I remove the SD card then it sees the games fine
    5- if I try to play an NTSC game, it works fine
    6- if I try to play a PAL game, it gets all garbled, can't play
    7- if I try to change the settings for the game, then the loader prompts me for the SD card to save to...

    That's a catch 22. How do I get around that?
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    The config file on the SD card is probably incorrect. you can delete GXGlobal.cfg or change the settings manually in the loader.

    Put the SD card and run the loader.
    Then go to the settings, game loading menu, and check that the partition is correctly specified. If not, click on the line to change the partition to the correct one.

    About the imported games, you should have to set "Force video" to auto, or PAL, and/or enable "PatchVidTV".
    Once you have the SD card, you will be able to save these options and make few tests to find the correct settings.

    I hope you will get the loader to work like you want [​IMG]