USB LOADER GX Games Freezing

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Kurisuellegarden, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. I've noticed this problem just starting to creep onto all my games on my USB loading. I transferred the files to something else and they don't work as well either. Dead Space Extraction freezes when I go to play level one, House of the Dead:Overkill freezes when I go to start the actual game, NO MORE HEROES 2 freezes right when I"m about to fight some girl in that english guys dream... (I forgot his name... maybe he's irish? Weird accent...) Animal Crossing is now starting to randomly freeze up...

    Has anyone else experienced this with certain cIOSes?

    I've tried downgrading my IOS, and upgrading it. Tried 14, 18 and 19.

    Or is it something that happens to games overtime on USB loading...or is it some setting that may be set in it? I'm just starting to get frustrated with it...especially since I want to play NO MORE HEROES 2 again.
  2. matguitarist

    matguitarist GBAtemp Fan

    Oct 14, 2008
    Try deleting config in sd:config *.cfg it work for me

    i got similar problem with last version
  3. jaybee

    jaybee GBAtemp Regular

    Jan 29, 2010
    If its only started freezing then it could be an issue with the hard drive.

    have you tested your wii with a disc based game and played that for an hour to see if it locks up? if not then I would try a different usb device to see if it is the hard disc like a memory stick with one or two games installed on it and try running those.

    You will need to try the process of elimination to try to see what is the root cause. Also for compatibility stakes its recommended to try Cios 249 Rev17 and cios 222 Rev 4 for best compatibility. The newer cios'es have issues and cios 222 Rev 5 is only best for Uloader and wiiware.

    Try reverting your wii back to rev17 and make sure you have cios 222 rev 4 installed. Also have you tried it with wiiware to see if it locks up? if its just the usb I would look at the hard disc. Perhaps connect it up to the pc and run some checks on it with diagnostic tools. be careful with this tho and do not modify it in any way or you could lose your games. I hope you keep backups just in case?

    You could also try booting the games with some other loaders like uLoader, neogamma and see if it still freezes up? If not then could be a cfg problem as has just been mentioned by another member. Basically could be a fair few things so trying things out and seeing what its not will usually lead you to the problem. Let us know how you get on.
  4. I have tried the games on a flash memory stick. I'll give rev 17 a try and I'll also delete the cfg file. Hopefully that fixes it. It's only been recently so...yeah. :wtf: THANKS! [​IMG] I'll post with replies later.
  5. Ugh, I tried rev17 and deleted the cfg. My games were working perfectly just a few weeks ago... hmm. I did change cIOSes but I moved them back to a stabler version. Maybe rev18 and 19 do something to the WBFS files when you close out of the game and it's a big bug?
  6. kyle007

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    Oct 5, 2008
    United States
    did you mean to say wbfs itself is a big bug? lol my wii life has been so much better with fat32
  7. I've noticed wbfs is only a problem if you used USB Loader GX's built in installer...this is a giant headache. The problem was that it creates more problems when you install games using's buggy. o_o I never got this problem for several months using the WBFS manager but I started to use their built in installer because of how easy it was...and now I regret it. I'm just going to clear it off and use soley the WBFS Manager.

    Is fat32 support about the same? Does it take up as much space or what not? [​IMG]

    My only one gripe with WBFS format is that they don't create any program to manage and maintain the file system. I'm just blindly putting games on there...I can't just open up a folder and view them. [​IMG]

    But space is what's keeping me to it. I think I can stay to it and be happy just using WBFS manager. I've been beating myself up all night thinking it was because of something I was missing, checked all my IOSES, my revisions I was using, the program, neogamma, and then I just went down and assumed it's the games. They need to fix their installer on USB LOADER because it could be great...only if it didn't wreck your thing overtime like this! o-o

    But to summarize the problem in solution for others.

    [If you use WBFS and your games are not loading correctly anymore all the sudden, reformat and don't use the built in installer, it causes screw ups.]
  8. kyle007

    kyle007 GBAtemp Fan

    Oct 5, 2008
    United States
    well they take the same space actually, since the games get compressed to wbfs first and then added to the fat32 drive. And thats not the problem actually, someone reported using only wbfs manager and it still screwed the games up. Speeds are roughly the same as well, and yes with fat32 you could [​IMG] just open the folder and view them, omfg its a miracle [​IMG] lol but trust me you'll save yourself a whole lot of headaches if you switched, and i used to love gx myself, but i mean with all of the features it has, its quite buggy imo. It doesnt take long to switch either, assuming you have either a) an extra portable or b) enough free space on your computer to temporarily move your games too
  9. I'll give fat32 a try then if it has the same support. That was my worry. [​IMG]
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