USB Loader GX Freeze when clicking to access homebrew apps

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    I have two questions relating to GX and one general - the solutions are probably pretty obvious, but here goes...

    1 - On 4.3E I used letterbomb a few months ago to mod a wii with a 2GB SD card. No issues whatsoever in backing up games and loading them via an external 2TB usb hdd. USB Loader GX runs fine, and even shows and runs all channels when I also configure to show nand.. except one. USB Loader GX freezes when I click to load the homebrew channel.The preview shows, but once I click on the channel via the 'HBC' button (which shows with the GX theme I am using), or on the HBC related cover thumbnail, I get the homebrew warning screen (the 'if you bought this software' message), and the wii no longer responds. I need to manually switch off the wii as I cannot reset the system. The homebrew channel from the wii's default system menu loads and apps work, just not from GX. It is set to its default paths (ie all homebrew=in the sd's app folder), so what is the most likely reason for the issue? I also use the channel forwarder so that GX boots automatically, but the homebrew channel freeze was there before using it.Re-installing GX or changing GX theme back to default also makes no difference. I am using the latest software for everything I have installed on the wii, including GX.

    2 - If the above can be fixed other than using Wiiflow.. aside from changing paths within GX, creating a fat32 partition for compatibilities sake and re-installing homebrew apps that were once on the sd card, do I need to install anything else in order to run homebrew apps directly from the same external USB hdd? It might be-or not, as fast as an sd card, but I was thinking of doing this until I get a 32gb. Of course none of this will matter if I can't get the homebrew channel to run from GX.

    3 -I should probably just get a couple of spare new hdds, but for conveniences sake is it worth it (or even possible) to have 3 partitions fat32,wbfs and ntfs all on the one external hard drive which I can use to store and run homebrew, backups and general pc content (my backup pc files+music and movie collection for ntfs which some homebrew might be able to access)?

    Thanks for any helpful links or info :)
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    if you want to go to The Homebrew Channel, don't launch the channel from the loader's interface, but instead exit the loader to HBC (home > exit to HBC)

    You can also change the display option when you exit:
    Setting > GUI Settings > Home menu : Full
    When you want to exit to Homebrew channel, press Home > Exit > HBC