USB Loader Gx and Wii Flow wont detect my Usb Stick and HDD (Virtual Wii)

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    Hello Gbatemp users i finnaly managed to install USB Loader GX and Wii Flow but both wont detect my usb stick and HDD idk why it happpnes i formatted my usb stcik correctly using wbfs manager and my HDD is from my wii so after it didnt detected my USB i plugged in my HDD (both Intenso) on usb loader GX Both start freezing when i plug them in when the countdown runs on Wiiflow it wont even detect it. plugged both in port 0 wont work pls help i installed cios including cios 80 and cios 230
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    don't use USB Stick. they are not compatible.

    This doesn't even exist.
    patching IOS80 has nothing to do with USB loader
    230 doesn't exist, you probably thought about 236, and again no homebrew is using it. it's a useless system file, with or without it the console work exactly the same way.

    if you don't know what you did or what you have, follow the syscheck guide in my signature and post the result here.
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