USB loader GX and Dios Mios wanting to copy to Sd

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    I am having two issues with USB loader gx. First off none of my settings are saving, I have to redo it showing GC games and the paths everytime. Also when I launch a Gamecube game it wants to copy it to sd , I have it saved on fat32 with 32kb cluster, I am using Dios Mios 2.3. I am have used the dmtoolbox coming with dios mios, and the Disc Ex .9 on the gamecube file to create the directory, both still want the copy to Sd. any ideas?
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    1. Copy to SD:
    This is because you are using the latest stable release.
    V3.0 was released before DIOS MIOS release. only DIOS MIOS Lite existed, so only SD card is working.

    If you want to use USB, you need to update the loader manually to a beta version (don't use the internal update button)
    Look in the last page of the stickied topic about USBLoaderGX.

    2. Setting not saved:
    What device and method are you using to boot the loader?
    SD+Homebrew channel
    Channel without SD*

    If you have a SD card, verify that it's not on Lock position.
    Check if you have the GXGlobal.cfg file on it (can be on SD:/config/ or SD:/apps/usbloader_gx/), This is the config file where your settings should be stored.
    If it can't be created/written, maybe your SD card is bad or incompatible with the Wii. try another one if formating the SD doesn't help.

    if you don't have a SD card, it should use the first available partition on your USB (I suppose your FAT32, along with the GameCube games).

    *If you are using only the Channel (not the forwarder), you can't update it manually.
    You will have to use the Homebrew channel or the forwarder to launch the loader after putting the dol file in SD:/apps/usbloader_gx/boot.dol