USB HDD setup, loeaders w/ cover art updating soft mod

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    A while back my was "soft modded" and now need to update it along with setting up new USB external HD some but don't know what is best method or how especially after having read posts where you can brick your wii by deleting/changing things. I have been accessing .wbfs backups (using WBFS Manager method) via USB launcher, but have recently read where this can be bypassed altogether making it much faster than the out of date wii backup launcher---just turn on wii, plug in the external HD with games you've already loaded from pc. Menu appears showing all your loaded wii game covers and you then just click on cover of game you want to play and there it is (heard this works with USB Loader GX)! I 've been using wii backup launcher because when I click on the USB Loader GX channel screen goes black then automatically sends me back to menu screen. So, first, my questions and below them I've listed the items currently on my 2gb SD card...
    1. Is my soft mod/SD card up to date, if not could you please tell me what I need or what I don't need.
    2. How do I set up GoFlex External HD for use w/ Wii only (do I need to format w/ or w/out partion and if so how. Wanting to save as much space for games and their covers as possible so should it be formetted to WBFS, FAT32? I bought a new HD w/ more memory so I will need to transfer old backups along w/ new ones to this HD. What app is best to use to load/delete games and most compatible?) With the wii backup launcher I've been using I can change regions and other options if a game does not automatically play correctly.
    3. Wanting to know how to find add game covers to make menu screen show Wii covers like I mentioned above (scroll or carousel "flip-thru" display plus wiiware games that show up as icons on the wii menu blocks loaded from USB since 2gb card is not big enough)

    Here is EVERYTHING I already have on SD card/wii:

    SD CARD-
    (Folder) 00000001
    (Folder) apps ( in this apps folder is the following: AnyTitle Deleter, cIOS38r14_Installer,
    data, Dop-IOSMOD, TBR, WAD Manager, boot.dol, & meta)
    (Folder) original bootmii (contains: armboot, bootmii & ppcboot.elf)
    (Folder) private (contains folder named "wii" which contains: title, ioc.bak & loc.dat)
    (Folder) SD_Root (contains folder apps which contains AnyTitle Delete. Under apps folder is another folder called database.)
    (Folder) wad
    (Folder) WeHackWii Package (contains "app" folder which contains cIOS rev 14 Installer, Trucha Bug Restorer, Trucha Bug Restorer MOD, usbloader_gx, WAD Manager 1.5, ._.DS_Store & .DS_Store. 2nd folder is called "wad" and contains: ._.DS_Store, .DS_Store, IOS60.wad, IOS249.wad & USB Loader GX-UNEO_Forwarder.wad)
    Also under WeHackWii Package is the following: ._.DS_Store, .DS_Store, boot.elf, IOS-64-v257.wad, IOS-64-v266.wad, IOS-64-v523.wad, IOS-64-v3094.wad, IOS-64-v3351.wad, IOS-64-v3869.wad, & IOS-64-v3610.wad
    Wii is 4.2uwith Homebrew channel 1.0.6 IOS61 v21.29 and includes custom WM, AnyTitle Deleter MOD, cIOS38 r14 installer, Trucha Bug Restorer & apps/Dop - IOSMOD/boot.dol.

    One more question...Some newer backups are .cios files instead of .iso files. How do I load/play these. Do I need to do anything once game has finished downloading or are they ready to work once they are loaded on USB HD??...what is wii scrubber and do I need it?

    Sorry so lengthy but want to meke sure I included as mush info I have as possible since I am totally clueless about this stuff.

    Appreciate the help!