USB HDD mounting issues

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    Aug 31, 2010
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    Hey everyone

    I'm new here, and to softmodding for that matter, so please bear with me

    I'm having trouble getting my apps and HBC to recognize my SeaGate 500GB HDD. The only program i have which IS able to mount the drive is NeoGamma [the channel and the app both work]. Once mounted via 'gamma, everything else can 'see' the drive until the system is either turned off/if wiimote communication is lost(only on some games)/if an app goes into screensaver mode; in which case the drive disappears and i need 'gamma again.

    I'm just trying to eliminate the middle man here and have HBC and my apps recognize the drive on their own, and be able to run everything off of the one drive. I'd use neogamma all the time, but i find the other loaders' GUI's more user-friendly and the game settings easier to manipulate. 98% of the time i use usb loader GX for my backups.

    my wii was a virgin 4.3 before modding

    i have ios 58/222/223/249v17/250, yes- im using the proper usb slot, my apps are the latest updates, HBC is 1.0.8

    the HDD is partitioned in this order:

    [98GB WBFS] [18GB FAT32- hbc apps] [350GB NTFS-media]
    primary primary/active primary

    is there anything i can do?
    or do i need a different HDD?