USB GX Loader and Wiiflow are no more working

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by dreampeppers99, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. dreampeppers99

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    Jul 21, 2010
    I used to play Metroid Trilogy (Metroid 3) on USB GX Loader.. but now the game (running by 249 and 222) starts with graphic glitches ! :S
    I have ran the PumpMyWii but I dunno...

    See this is my Wii... what is wrong ?
    I've noticed that IOS249 (rev 21): Trucha Bug, ES_Identify, NAND Access is a very lower version is that right ? Is that change anything? or 254 without trucha?

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    Not sure about the problem, but I will answer 2 questions:

    low rev number on 249 - rev21 is actually the highest rev for 249 right now, there is an updated rev21 only obtainable through the Windows program "ModMii", it is stickied at the top of the hacking forum here. Install that if you don't have it, it has a few fixes (may fix this?).

    254 has no trucha bug or ED Identify or NAND Access because IOS 254 is BootMii! When BootMii as an IOS is installed, 254 is where it installs to. If you try to load 254 to start a homebrew program (YAWMM is a good example), it'll exit the program and actually go right into bootmii.
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    Feb 7, 2010
    It has to do with your save game file.
    MPT from usb loader gx or any other usb loader ( except SNEEK/UNEEK ) only allows veteran difficulty.
    If you have used cheats, RE-enable them.

    I know the glitches are ( clipping off walls, falling through floors, not able to aim, camera screwed up .etc..)

    You could also try the recommended modmii Cios d2xv3.
  4. dreampeppers99

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    Jul 21, 2010
    Okay, I'll try it...
    Ohhh I also have tried the game Monster Hunter Tri (I think using only 249) and the game also doesn't start at all... ;( I mean it starts but the game never starts...

    Later I'll read about modmii Cios d2xv3 and if it's not hard I'll try to install.. (have any link ?)
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    Monster Hunter Tri need a base 37, you can use hermes v4 [37+38], or Hermes v5.1 223 or 224 with a [base 37].

    Maybe it's also working fine with a base 57, using rev21 d2x. (I didn't try)
    You already have rev21, but the most important part in the cIOS compatibility is not the slot number you choose (249, 250, etc.), but the "base IOS" you use to create the custom IOS.

    When you say to someone that you installed the cIOS 249 revision 21 it doesn't mean anything if you don't tell what base (original IOS) you used to create your custom IOS into slot 249.
    For example cIOS249[37] = The Original IOS 37 from Nintendo is used as a base, it is then patched to allow USB access, NAND access, etc., and the resulted IOS is installed in slot 249. The IOS249 now contain the IOS37 functionality (like Wiispeak, microphones, etc.) that other Original IOS don't have. That's why the Base is important.

    The most common bases are :
    [38] : Historical base, good compatibility and stability. Allow Channel installation with older wad managers. Some new games require 56 or 57 though.
    [56] : Fastest for USB access. good compatibility, but not best.
    [57] : Best compatibility, faster than 38, a little less faster than 56 but very good. It's usually the one provided by hacking installation guide.
    Never use base 58!

    What you can do is install few base in different slot, and try to load the game with another one when it doesn't work with the usual one (you can set a different IOS slot to use for specific games in all USB loaders).
    Hermes v5.1 222[38]
    Hermes v5.1 223[37]
    Hermes v5.1 224[57]

    or (like in my signature)
    Hermes v4 222[37+38]