USB Gecko

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Beware, Jan 10, 2008.

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    Sounds cool, hopefully there will be a surefire way to use it without a modchip and buy a extra peripheral.
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    I think you will be able to run code through gecko without a modchip indeed.
    The modchip is only required to run DVDs, but since this boots from a gamecube memory card, this will be sufficient.
    Now we just have to wait until the guys from wiidev finish their loader.

    Well, nintendo isn't responsible for this. It was necessary to hack the console, retrieving secret encryption keys "just" to be able to run code. Now the guys responsible for this and some more are very busy figuring everything out so they can code a loader for all of us. Nintendo is still full of shit as far as this is concerned compared to x360 and ps3, and their online is pretty much 10 years behind, too [​IMG]

    You know, most of you guys dont probably need usb gecko, there is a sd gecko available for like $5 that will probably be able to launch homebrew games too. It will just not have that fancy remote debugging thing which most of you probably dont need [​IMG]
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    Jan 22, 2008
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    Joined just for that huh /\dictr0n (that video does show the different aspects of the USBgecko) [​IMG]. A well, should have made a separate topic I guess, this one is rather old.
    My review of the USBgecko (is case anyone is wondering my Wii is still in pieces so still haven't tested dumping Wii games [​IMG].